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This is a personal project
that I hope becomes a movement.

This is not me, but it is how I would feel if I were this person’s age.

My name is Brooke Allen, and I have created this website because during my 30+ years on Wall Street I have often been disgusted by some of the practices and people that I’ve run across.

It seems that every few years the financial world blows up and then the government bails out the system (and the miscreants who built and run it) by issuing more debt against the “full faith and credit” of our children.

That said, rest assured that I’m not a complainer and don’t waste my anger on things I don’t intend to do anything about; and in this instance, I believe there is a better way of doing things.

Here you will find a discussion about how we can create a new breed of professionals who hold themselves to a higher standard than we hold ourselves to; young people who would be ashamed if they behaved as their parents have.

This is not about “the system” or concepts like “social responsibility” or even “ethical finance.” This is about people – people who, for the lack of a better term, should be called financiers.

Only people can be ethical – not institutions or ideas – because institutions and ideas lack a conscience that can keep them up all night worried that they are doing the wrong thing or imagining that their souls will one day fry in hell. When the last human dies then the concept of ethics will die with her or him. Let’s make that happen later rather than sooner.

I am passionate about changing the status quo because anger unharnessed is not good for my health, but anger that motivates positive action is called “passion” and it gives me a reason to get out of bed.

How about you; what gets you up in the morning?

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