Why Not

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Before you decide to do something
you should identify all the reasons
not to do it and and then act
only if you can overcome all objections.

RedstopHandWe propose that there be a new kind of financier who wants to be ethical and hold herself or himself (and each other) to higher standards of morality and ethics than the law and industry norms require.

We want help from every interested party, whether they work in finance at the present, aspire to, teach aspiring financiers, regulate the industry, are elected representatives, or merely have a stake in what happens in finance.

However, before you throw your weight behind our efforts, you might want to evaluate your beliefs. Although the concept of an ethical financier is still evolving, it is likely that many of the following statements will be incompatible with being an ethical financier or supporting the cause.

Take this self-test to determine if you should not support the idea that financiers be ethical.

After taking this test still want to help then please tell us why?