Is “giving back” evidence you took too much in the first place?

X-5SMy father told me to judge people not on how much money they have but on how they make it and what they do with it. My dad was a sculptor who believed in truth and beauty; art was about uncovering the truth and creating beauty.

That is also what scientists do; they uncover the truth and find the most elegant way of expressing it. You can think of Occam’s Razor as an aesthetic litmus test for scientific theories.

But what about business?

Although my dad only ever had formal training as a sculptor, he  had a very successful career arc that took him from fine art to commercial art to advertising to marketing to management consulting.

You can attribute his business success to his belief that business is just another art form, and by that he did not mean that making money was an art. He meant that business was about finding the truth (What do people truly need? What is the state of the art?) and creating beauty (How do we best meet people’s true needs?).

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Running a profitable business simply means that revenues exceed expenses, and that is another way of saying that the art is economically sustainable.

But to manufacture desire where there is no real need; to exploit workers just because you Continue reading Is “giving back” evidence you took too much in the first place?