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If we have the will
and we do the work
then we can re-invent all of finance.

CurtisJennyIf the airline industry were like finance then thousands of people would die every day. When Charles Lindbergh began his career as a U. S. Air Mail pilot he put himself at great risk; of the first 40 pilots flying the mail routs 31 died in crashes in the first three years.

Today the riskiest part of air travel is the drive to the airport.

How did that happen?

It it isn’t just a marvel of aeronautical engineering.

It is because morality and ethics were tackled as engineering problems and passenger safety was made paramount – it was always to come before profits, and shame on you if you thought otherwise.

Finance is an older profession; it evolved before engineers knew how to bake morality and ethics into complex processes.

Why does it feel like you are trying to cross this bridge when you are merely trying to save for your retirement?

Of course, engineers make mistakes. But they document their work, they take responsibility, they learn from their errors, and they get better. And they don’t pay themselves huge bonuses when their monstrosities crash and burn.

We must do that same thing with finance and we must figure it out NOW because our financial markets and institutions are at the heart of the modern world and we cannot continue to allow it to be built by amateurs and run by robber barons.

The solutions is to create a new generation of people committed to morality, ethics, and legality before profit. And then we must task them with reinventing everything.

Whatever happens, it will begin with a small group of committed people.

Won’t you join us.

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